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I believe that quality life expectancy should be far greater than we have come to accept and that everyone can aspire to a higher level of health and well-being. Addressing obvious symptoms should be the first step towards achieving this, rather than the end target. For too many people it is enough to be able to muddle through the day relatively symptom free, but the real target should be a dynamic health and vitality lasting for years past the age at which we are normally written off. In order to achieve a healthy body we need to pursue our personal and spiritual development in the right way for each of us.


Traditional Chinese medicine sees physical health and well-being as a direct reflection of the state of the underlying energy and information system formed by a network of pathways known as meridians. Imbalances in this energy system can be the precursors of disease.  The meridians can be unbalanced by disturbances in virtually any aspect of life: emotions, thoughts, relationships, nutrition, environmental influences, physical demands, etc. Anything that tends to unbalance the system we can call “stress”.

On-going, or even long-past, emotional or physical stress can cause long-term imbalances in the energy system. These can in turn lead to malfunction at the cellular or emotional level. This may produce obvious symptoms, or inhibit healing and repair, or just hold us back from real physical and emotional health and longevity.


Kinesiology is based on the idea that imbalances in the meridian system cause temporary changes in muscle response. Muscle testing can be used to access subconscious information about the stresses that are causing problems. Light pressure is applied to an arm. If the arm resists, no energy imbalance has been isolated. If an imbalance has been isolated, the muscle will collapse. With correct preparation, the subconscious answer “No” has the same effect, so questions can be addressed to the “subconscious” mind, and the response of the muscle will indicate a “Yes” or “No” answer. Possibilities can be offered that the subconscious can accept or refuse. In this way the best way forward can be identified.

Your Health Kinesiology Stress-Buster Session

After a chat about your health history and objectives, the session proper starts with an initial balance,  in which areas of imbalance are identified, and quickly, but temporarily, overcome by holding a combination of acupoints, or some equivalent method like using "cosmic batteries". Having achieved that temporary state of balance, which is usually very pleasant and relaxing, muscle testing can be used to establish subconscious or "energy" permission to proceed, and to map out the the work to do.

One of the main procedures offered is the energy correction.  With the energy system in balance, ways are determined of triggering a stress that knocks it out of balance.  While the stress is being triggered, the system is helped to regain balance by overcoming the stress - permanently. This process is repeated for different sources of stress, always identified by muscle testing. There are countless ways in which the stress may be triggered and part of the beauty of HK is the way in which the possibilities are organised to make them quickly identified. Types of stressors include psychological items, which might involve thinking about a situation or event, or thinking a key word or phrase; allergens; sensory input and or interpretation; physical actions; mental tasks such as problem solving and many, many others.

Once the appropriate stressors have been "defused" testing will be used to establish the schedule for further work, and for any self help work such as changes in diet or nutrition, exercise, rest, work, play and so on. Homeopathic or herbal remedies, essences, essential oils or other treatments may also be suggested to ensure that the body has the resources necessary for change.

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